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Quality Control System

Our strict quality control system include the production process quality control subsystem which can make various quality records in the production process:

1. Tour-inspection: It's necessary to inspect the production process on schedule as per management provisions. 

2. Regular spot inspection: As for key quality control points, it's necessary to extract samples on production process for quality analysis on key indicators.

3. Management of process records: as for realization of management of process record, records about equipment operation and process inspection of some key stations in the production process need to be entered into the system. The information can be used to form related process analysis and equipment operation report.

4. Control against production and operation: timely master deficiencies of stores, damage of materials or closing down for waiting for materials of the production workshop (especially packing workshop) based on the system; record the situation of materials coming into use each time and establish the foundation for product quality tracing.

5. Comprehensive quality analysis: the system can carry out real-time monitoring for production process record with SPC statistical tool as per various quality records and comprehensive quality analysis on the whole production workshop with production and quality indicators and CPK of key station seen on the quality analysis interface and quality statement and analysis chart generated.

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