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Factory Capalility

Minyoo has a standard workshop of 12,000 square meters of modern standard workshop, 100 rapier looms, 20 automatic computer embroidery machines, adhering to the "meticulous, keep improving" of the spirit of craftsmanship, the company has trained more than 130 high-tech textile workers, the annual production of denim 10 million meters, embroidered fabric more than 1.2 million meters.

Our products include Super Elastic and Soft Denim,Cotton Dacron Elastic Denim,Cotton Elastic Denim,Two-way Elastic Denim, All Cotton Denim,Imitation knit denim,Tencel denim, water soluble lace, cotton lace, mesh lace, tulle lace, organza lace, Chiffon Lace, multicolor lace, printed lace, laser lace, gold lace, eyelash lace, beaded lace, Sequin lace, lace trimming, lace floral collar, flower patches and other garment accessories. We provide professional customized lace accessories for garment factories and become the provider of many famous garment brands.

Minyoo Textile is rated as a famous textile enterprise in China. We attend many Textile Exhibitions and Commodities Fairs at home and abroad every year.
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